2015+ WRX/STi JDM Rear Splash Guards

So after a pretty exhaustive (and exhausting) analysis on front lip options, I assumed the rear spats and side skirts were going to be an equivalent amount of effort. And then I was looking at pictures of the WRX S4 and noticed what appeared to be a different rear bumper. It turned out that these are actually separate splash guards that you can get OEM paint matched directly from Subaru Japan.

A quick trip over to JapanParts.com later and a pair of C7P rear splash guards were on their way here from Japan. They took a couple weeks to arrive, but were packaged well and arrived unharmed.


I was a little worried that installing them would mean that I would have to remove the mud flaps that share a couple of the mounting locations. As you can tell from the preview photo, that was not the case, though the fitment isn’t quite exact and the additional space consumed by the splash guards pushes the flaps out a couple of millimeters from the normal fender well line. This is only really noticeable when you’re exactly perpendicular to the car.


Installation went relatively smoothly, with the supplied bracket fitting nicely on the outside of the rear bumper cover and the Rally Armor bracket on the inside. The Rally Armor-supplied screw fit fine through both the mud flap and new bracket and into the C-clip on the Rally Armor bracket.

A problem became apparent though that the push-fastener that normally secures the bumper cover to the wheel well lining could not fully extend when securing the bumper cover, both brackets and the wheel well lining. At this point I considered a couple options: a rivet fastener or other type of variable length expanding fastener, and the other was simply putting a screw or bolt through the center of push-fastener forcing it to expand. The latter didn’t seem safe as the screw may compromise the integrity of the plastic shell and the rivet fastener was ruled out because the hardware store was closed.

After 30+ minutes of back and forth, I finally decided to shave some of the inner pin on the push fastener a little at a time until it fit snugly and fully extended the grips on the shell. It didn’t take much and I’d recommend having a few extra of these on hand just in case you shave off too much. I had previously bought a 20 pack on Amazon to use with the front lip install and because the oil change place always leaves one or two off when they replace the skid plate. Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012Z2X1B0


I’m really thrilled with how these turned out, even with the minor gap between the bumper and the mud flaps. These made the decision making process of choosing rear spats simple and they look great. Here’s a couple pics at different angles of the result.





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